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* Carpentry projects span several areas, let’s split them up into subcategories.

Sub-flooring & Framing:

Every home has extensive framing and sub-flooring from which everything in the home is built.  Having good sub-flooring is a must for many projects like tile work.  A bad sub-floor will cause tile to crack or break over time.  Ever heard a squeak in the floor or steps?  That’s a loose nail or screw that simply needs to be anchored better.

We offer sub-floor repair & framing for basement, closet and storage walls.  Do you have an unfinished basement?  Let us give you a proposal and show you your options.  Finished basements can be rented out these days as extra income.  Just a thought…

Storage & Shelving:

Walmart, Lowe’s & Home Depot all sell great storage systems.  Another option would be us customizing something for you. Do you need extra storage perhaps in the garage?  We can build shelves or even install a pull-down ladder to access unused space you might have above the garage.

Here are a few other related projects.

  • Install Cabinets or shelving in the laundry area to store wash supplies.
  • Install cabinets shelving in the garage to store your goodies.
  • Install cabinets or shelving in the shed.
  • Install cabinets or shelving in the basement or a closet.

Baseboard, Chair Rail & Crown Molding(Trim):

There are many kinds of trim both interior and exterior.  Trim styles range from deluxe to basic and come unstained, painted or even in plastic.  You can also get trim in different kinds of wood like oak, pine or cherry.  Home Depot & Lowe’s both have a good selection of trim styles, types and woods. 

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A quick home improvement project is installing chair rail.  You can quickly split a room down the middle and have two wall colors.  Shadow boxes are another option that can make a basic wall look outstanding.

Here is a list of related projects.

  • Install or repair baseboards, trim, chair rail or crown molding.
  • Install wainscoting or wall board (Decorative wall wood).
  • Install shadow boxes.

Exterior Home Wood Repair:

Got rot?  We repair fascia and soffits that have been damaged by weather and trees.  One of the major factors that lead to exterior wood rot is full gutters.  Homeowners need to clean their gutters at least twice a year and more if there are tress nearby.  There are many products that can help keep leaves out of the gutters.

We also repair decks, railings, fencing and exterior steps.  Exterior window trim and ledges also can be repaired or replaced.  Let us know what your exterior carpentry project is and we’ll get you a proposal.

Fencing & Gates:

We install and repair fencing throughout the Denver area.  Gate repair is also another service that we offer.  We have installed chain link fencing, wood picket fencing and even plastic vinyl fencing.  We can replace 4×4 posts as needed to shore up a loose or failing fence.  Looking for something decorative for your fence?  We can install points and other decorative post caps.

Does your gate close, latch and lock?  If not let us take a look at it.  Many gates sage over time and need adjustment.  A few dozen screws and maybe a new support and that gate will be like new!

Handicap Ramps:

Do you need a better and easier way to access your home due to a walker or wheelchair?  We can customize ramps and even widen openings like the doorway to the bathroom.  Keep yourself mobile with a new access ramp.  We also offer other handicap related services like grab bars for showers and tubs.


There are many types of flooring that range from laminate to vinyl to wood.  Our favorite type of flooring is luxury vinyl flooring.  It’s waterproof, easy to install and lasts a long time!  Other types of flooring include hardwood, laminate and carpet.  A very popular flooring is wood laminate.  Wood laminate flooring is actually a floating floor and doesn’t require glue or nails.  Instead it snaps together and gets trimmed on its edges.

Here is a list of related projects.

  • LVT or LVP (luxury vinyl flooring).
  • Wood laminates.
  • Hardwood flooring.
  • Laminate (one piece or tiles).
  • VCT (vinyl coated tile).
  • Ceramic tile.
  • Granite or marble tiles.
  • Carpet.

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