Looking For A New Floor?

There are many choices when it comes to residential & commercial flooring.  Let’s have a look below at the different styles & types of flooring available.  Home repairs involving sub-floor, trim and thresholds are all carpentry related projects and are found here.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring:

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This is by far my favorite type of flooring to install and enjoy!  This stuff comes in over 700 colors and patterns and is completely waterproof!!!  Luxury vinyl flooring installs similar to wood laminates and comes in snap-able tiles or tiles with a glue edge.  My preference is the snap-able tile simply because the installation looks nicer when completed.  Check out the great content we are putting together all about this incredible flooring!

Wood Laminate Flooring:

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Wood laminates come in many styles and patterns and are almost always on sale at Home Depot or Lowes.  You can find wood laminate flooring as cheap as $0.80 a square foot.  BUT…  Is there a better choice?  Did you know that the labor charge for installing luxury vinyl is less than wood laminates.  Plus, LVF last longer and is waterproof.  OK, so your sold on wood laminate…  OK, I install that too.

Magnetic PVC Flooring:

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WOW!  They solved the biggest problem in flooring, how to replace a tile in the middle of the floor (simply).  This new style flooring is more for commercial but could have high end residential applications.  I thought I would share this with you simply because it is awesome.  They call it the Magnet Boden System and it allows you to pull up and replace any tile, anywhere and replace it.  Perhaps you have too much money and want to change your floor seasonally.  Why not?

Vinyl Coated Tile Flooring:

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Got a store front, commercial space or restaurant?  My good friend runs a commercial floor restoration & maintenance service.  His company installs, repairs, maintains and restores many different surfaces like tile, marble, granite and VCT.  Vinyl coated tile (VCT) is a commercial flooring that is installed just about everywhere there are commercial floors.  These floors have a wax coating that needs to be cleaned and replaced to return the original shine to the surface.  It is just amazing what these guys can do to clean up a dirty floor! 

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