Denver Pet Poop Removal Service

Got More Poop Than You Can Handle?

We also offer a Denver pet poop cleanup service!

Denver Dog Poop Cleanup ServiceNever cleanup your dog(s) poop field again!  We offer twice a week, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanups.  We are based out of Arvada and have a presence in downtown Denver, Aurora and South Denver.  Our Denver poop cleanup service can be customized to your homes needs.

Below are our rates based on the number of dogs you have.  If you are currently using another pet cleanup service, let us under cut them and save you a buck!

There may be up to a $30 fee added to your first pickup if your yard is a mess.  If we encounter buckets of poo we obviously need to charge a few extra bucks.  If cleanup falls into the normal area, no extra fee will be assessed.  choose a plan or schedule below…

Cleanup Schedule 1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Twice A Week $60/mo. $80/mo. $100/mo.
Once A Week $40/mo. $60/mo. $80/mo.


$35/mo. $45/mo. $60/mo.
On-Your-Call Cleanup $30/per $45/per $60/per

Choose the right plan!  Choosing the cheapest plan isn’t always the best choice.  Dog poop is acidic and that is why you see yellow spots.  We can treat your lawn too!

PS. Got neighbors with pets too?  We offer group rates for those that live in the same area.  Post about us on Nextdoor, find 3 or more yards and get yours for 50% off!





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