Does Your Realtor Have A Lisa?

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A unique market produces a unique contractor-realtor-homeowner service!

A personal assistant that helps organize the many projects that need to happen in order to maximize the sellers profit.

Here is a video that I made of a home that I helped to prep for sale here in Denver.  You can find several videos of work related to this home in my blog.  What amazed me the most was the staging of this home.  After two weeks of hard work they brought in all this nice furniture, art and rugs.  All of it made our struggles just somehow seem so worth it.  Plus it was cool watching it all come together.  

Total I think I did about 12 projects here all of them organized through Lisa Clark.  Over a 2 week period I watched as this home completely transformed.  The day this home went on sale it sold with several offers for the sellers to choose from. 

I have been in construction my whole life and contractors just don’t get along with realtors!  What I witnessed was truly a miracle.  No contractors or realtors ever came in contact with each other.  That is where Lisa shinned and was the perfect realtor-contractor-homeowner buffer.

Thomas Bowman Jr

Thomas Bowman Jr

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