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Fireplace Mantle Install South Denver (Below Cherry Creek)

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Looking For A Carpenter Handyman With Skills???

Here is a video of a Custom Handyman carpentry project we did just south of Cherry Creek in South Denver.

WOW! What a great home improvement project!  This project cost around $1000 and really made this room impressive.

Custom Carpentry Denver ArvadaSeveral problems were encountered during the construction related to this home repair-improvement.  First, we discovered that the wall that was supposed top be solid brick wall just a fake brick wall.  So we had to change how we had planned doing this project.

We decided to cut open the chimney encasement and install several 2×6 boards-beams.  After securing this new support we were able to install threaded rods (3) to attach the new mantle to.  What a great home improvement project!

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