Hot Tub Carpentry Repair West Arvada

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Here’s A Unique Arvada Handyman Project! This carpentry repair should stop that Colorado wind! Home Repair Overview: *Install 2″x3″ wood supports to give additional support to the Jacuzzi lid bar.  Tub was damaged when high winds hyper extended the lid support breaking the exterior fascia. This was an interesting home repair project for me.  I always love when I come across something new that challenges me to find a way to solve the issue.  This type of problem solving is my favorite part of running a small handyman business. In all this handyman and carpentry repair took about 4 hours …

Is Your Flooring Waterproof or Just Water Resistant?

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Look for the “100% waterproof” statement on your new flooring. Water resistant ISN’T waterproof, there’s a difference! In the video above you can watch as several different types of floating flooring is tested.  As a consumer you need to know that some of these vinyl floor still have wood in the core or may be wood plated.  For many consumers choosing a wood laminate flooring is their first choice just because of price. In reality, we actually charge less to install luxury vinyl flooring than that cheap discounted wood laminate stuff!  In fact, the labor charge is about 35% cheaper!!! …

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation Arvada Colorado

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WOW!  Luxury Vinyl Flooring Rocks! Commercial grade, 100% waterproof vinyl, lifetime residential warranty, no glue or saw needed, floating floor. This was just an amazing project with amazing people!  First, a special thanks to Pam & Derrick for the cookies, Chinese food, pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn surprise and great review.  In the above video you can see this home improvement project unfold.  Luxury Vinyl Flooring comes in many patterns and thicknesses.  Here I installed commercial grade thick luxury vinyl tile made by Allure.  This luxury vinyl flooring comes in planks(LVP) and tiles(LVT).  There are hundreds of colors if you …

Baseboard Caulking & Small Drywall Repair

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A Simple Project Prepping A Baseboard For Paint. Caulking get rid of the dark areas created by cracks & gaps. In this video we do a simple caulking project that really makes the difference in how our final painting product will look.  For those that want to save a few dollars on caulk…  You can by the cheap stuff from Home Depot for $2 a tube or go to Dollar General “the everything’s a dollar” store.  They have caulk for a buck. There was also a quick repair done to the drywall in the lower corner of the bathtub.  Remember …

Bathroom Double Sink Counter Top Caulking

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Looking For Someone That Can Caulk A Straight Line? Painting prep makes all the difference! There are many types of caulk for both interior and exterior applications.  In this video we are caulking a double bowl bathroom sink counter top.  Nothing makes a painting job look better than caulking and sealing all the cracks and seams. Check out all our Denver painting services here! View More About Our Services:  Handyman Services       |       Painting Services       |       Plumbing Services Landscaping Services       |       Pet Poo Services       |       VIDEOS Electrical Services       |       Rental Tenant Services       |       Carpentry Services Luxury Vinyl Flooring       |       Laminate Flooring       …

Chimney Sweep Denver

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Looking For Someone To Check The Chimney? We do the simple chimney sweep jobs only! Are you looking for someone to clean your chimney?  We clean one story chimneys on all ranch style home and on occasion an easy higher one.  This is a fairly simple thing to do and many ranchers have a single fireplace in the living room.  Soot needs to be removed every few years depending on how much the chimney and fireplace are being used.  Give us a call and we’ll come out and take a peek! View More About Our Services:  Handyman Services       |       Painting …

Deck Repair Denver

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Looking For A Quick Repair To Your Deck? This deck should have been torn down… Here is a video of a repair that we did on a heavily damaged deck.  We all agreed that this one should have had a little more rehab than it actually got.  The steps were the worst.  Both risers were cracked and the bottom step sheared off. We installed several new blocks at the base of the steps and a new sister board at the top.  We also replaced two 4×4 supports.  This deck was not built to any code and will eventually need to …

Refrigerator & Stove Cleaning Denver

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Looking For Someone To Clean An Appliance Like a Stove? We have cleaned some really nasty things to almost new! Here is a video of a stove that we cleaned in Aurora after some tenants moved out.  We offer tenant make ready services for home owners and property management companies!  OK, back to our story… This stove hadn’t been cleaned in some time and they seem to have loved bacon or something just as greasy!  After several hours of buffing and shinning…  The stove turned out almost brand new in appearance.  We can clean some of the toughest and nastiest …

Trash & Garbage Removal Denver

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Looking For Someone To Get Rid Of Some Junk? We offer truck and trailer trash pickup or by dumpster drop off. Here is a video of a dumpster we loaded during a home remodel and demo.  Actually this home is a rental and was heavily damaged by tenants and owner neglect.  We remodeled the kitchen and three bathrooms.  This home is a 5 bedroom 3 full bath located in a decent Aurora neighborhood.  If you are looking for help cleaning something out, give us a call.  We will customize a trash pickup service that is just right for you.  We …

Tub Tile Repair Denver

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Looking For Someone To Repair Damaged Tub Tile Set? We do small tile repair jobs throughout Denver! This bath tub tile wall was recommended to be replaced completely.  The home owner (property Manager) decided to try to get another year out of this.  The entire wall in some areas had damage as far in as the wood beams inside the wall.   I removed the damaged tiles which had previously had several repairs done to them.  I cleaned the tiles the best I could of old mortar and wall board.  Removed the old damaged drywall and install a new piece …

Window Blind Installation Denver

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Looking for a handyman to install some window coverings? We can install those blinds for you! Here is a video of several inexpensive window blinds we installed in an Aurora apartment flip.  These blinds take about 20 minutes to install properly.  The cost for the materials is inexpensive and these blinds can be cut down and modified on site.  If you are considering new window blinds and need a pro to install them, give us a call.  We offer a-z handyman services and can install your new blinds, curtains and even build things like shadow boxes around the window. View …

Window Caulking & Sealing Denver

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Interior Window Caulking & Painting Prep Top of the line paint jobs have the best paint prep. Learn more about our painting services here! Here is a video of a quick and cheap home repair that makes your painting look fantastic.  Caulk can fill in gaps and cracks that show dark spots rather that the true color of the paint.  Have a look and see just how much of a difference caulking and proper paint prep makes. This project was part of a much larger project where we flipped an apartment for a property management company.  Yes, we offer complete …

Garbage Disposal Installation Plumbing South Denver

South Denver Garbage Disposal Installation (Cherry Creek)

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Looking For A Handyman Plumber To Install A Plumbing Fixture? Here is a video of an InSinkErator (Garbage Disposal) installation. Here is a video of a garbage disposal installation.  The homeowner picked up the top of the line Insinkerator at a cost of $340.  Our cost to install it was just $125 with all the parts included. Yes, we always replace the strainer with every install.  The strainer is the part that makes the seal where the water drain starts.  Many handymen will not replace this since it takes a little skill. Learn more about our Denver Plumbing Services Here! …

Downtown Denver Interior Painting Service

Large Interior Painting Project South Denver (Capitol Hill)

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Looking For A Painter In The Capitol Hill Area? Here is a video of a large Interior Paint Job South Denver. In this home improvement video you will see a home that is about to go on the Denver market.  The homeowners needed a miracle and they needed the whole place painted.  Have a look at the before and after videos and just look at how nice this turned out. This project included several extras like trim repair and trash cleanup.  We painted the ceiling, walls and the worst parts of the trim.  Over 200 holes were patched on the …

Downtown Denver Interior Painting Steps

Interior Painting Downtown Denver (Congress Park)

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Looking For An Interior Painter & Handyman? Here is a video of a local downtown Denver interior painting project we did. These steps needed a lot of paint!  The homeowners were putting their home on the market and we had to work with the homeowners and the realtor.  We actually did about $6,000 in work in this home and it sold in 3 weeks. The steps, rails and spindals were all painted and painted in two colors.  The step itself needed a high traffic type paint and the railings needed just semigloss. View More About Our Services:  Handyman Services       |       …

Denver Handyman Clients Pet Siberian Tiger Cats

Siberian Tiger Cats Denver Handyman

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Here Is A Short Video Just For Fun! One of our clients had two Siberian Tiger Cats and they were huge! We love our clients pets(most of the time) and really had fun with these cool cats.  This is the first time I have ever seen or touched a cat this big.  They were so friendly we had to keep them locked up while we worked or they would be rubbing past us. During lunch I got some time to play and pet them.  They are Siberian Tiger Cats and have some of the coolest markings. PS.  I would happily …

Custom Carpentry Congress Park Denver Handyman

Custom Carpentry Porch Remodel Denver (Congress Park)

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Looking For A Handyman Or Carpenter In The Congress Park Area Of Denver? Here is a video of a custom carpentry porch remodel we did. WOW!  We just created one of the nicest entrances to any home in Congress Park.  Have a look at this!  Here is a custom mailbox and porch remodel that took about a week. This project included light framing, carpentry, electrical and trim work.  We also stained all the wood to give it a clean grainy look.  Two new lights were installed, one on the light post and one that we centered on the porch.  We …

Custom Carpentry Denver Arvada

Fireplace Mantle Install South Denver (Below Cherry Creek)

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Looking For A Carpenter Handyman With Skills??? Here is a video of a Custom Handyman carpentry project we did just south of Cherry Creek in South Denver. WOW! What a great home improvement project!  This project cost around $1000 and really made this room impressive. Several problems were encountered during the construction related to this home repair-improvement.  First, we discovered that the wall that was supposed top be solid brick wall just a fake brick wall.  So we had to change how we had planned doing this project. We decided to cut open the chimney encasement and install several 2×6 …

Fence Installation and Repair Denver Arvada

Fence Installation and Repair Denver Arvada

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Looking For A Fencing Or Gate Contractor? We do the small fencing and gate jobs that others won’t! Here is a video I took at the local Denver Home Depot.  Home Depot (or Lowes) offer great fencing and gates at affordable prices.  Fencing comes in wood, plastic and metal depending on your personal taste or neighborhood decor. Here is a link to a Denver Gate Repair Job we did! Give us a call to schedule a free estimate or proposal.  We offer fencing and gate repair-installation throughout Arvada and Downtown Denver. View More About Our Services:  Handyman Services       |       Painting …

Denver landscaping Handyman Project (Cherry Creek)

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Looking for a handyman to do an odd job? Here is a video of two poles that we pulled from the back yard in a Cherry Creek home. This was a bit of a difficult problem to solve.  Both poles were cemented to surrounding walls or building and had over 4 bags of concrete.  It took about 3 hours for two men to dig these up and drag them to the junk pile. Do you have a home project that really has no category in home improvement?  As the owner of SJD, I have encountered hundreds of odd home projects …

Denver Tile Back Splash Arvada

Kitchen Tile Back-Splash Arvada Denver Handyman

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Looking for a home repair handyman? Here is a video of a small tile project in the Denver Arvada area. This small handyman project was an add on project in an apartment where we installed some laminate flooring.  We installed laminate flooring in both bedrooms along with new trim and thresholds. The tile back splash took about three hours to install and finalize.  This product is available at the Home Depot!  The wall was in good shape and the tile was thin enough to not have to do any special work to the electrical outlets. This small handyman project was …

Gate Repair Carpentry Downtown Denver

Gate & Fence Repair Downtown Denver (Capitol Hill)

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Looking for a handyman with fencing, gate and carpentry skills? Here is a video of a local downtown Denver home repair project where we reset and reworked a gate.  Have a look for yourself… This Handyman Project Details: This was a small side project that was done while remodeling a front porch of a home just outside of Capitol Hill in Congress Park.  The gate was in really bad shape and needed to be reworked on both the hinge side and the latch side.  Another issue was that 3 other handymen had hacked this gate together. I removed the door …

Mouse Trap Pest Trap Setting Port Orange Florida

Mouse (Pest) Trap Setting Pest Control

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Looking For Pest Control? We offer basic pest control for mice, rats and other small to medium sized critters. Here is a video taken in Florida of a damaged baseboard where a rat had eaten his way out or in.  This was in the garage area and so a rat could have run in and gotten trapped.  We actually couldn’t see were this critter went.  There was a hole but it looked pretty solid. We set traps with some yummy peanut butter (chunky) and repaired the trim. The total cost of this project was around $100 with the traps, trim …

exterior painting new smyrna beach florida

Exterior Home Painting 4th Year Results

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We used Benjamin Moore Paints on the exterior of this home! After 4 years it still looks great! Before I left Florida I had the opportunity to take this video.  Four years earlier we painted the exterior of this home for a good friend and client. We used Benjamin Moore exterior paint with shield guard or something.  The color is still just a true as it was when we installed it. If you are looking for a handyman or painter in the local Denver – Arvada area, give us a call.  We offer free estimates and can even help you …

mailbox repair port orange florida

Mailbox Repair Handyman Project

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Do You Need A New Mailbox? We offer mailbox repair throughout the Denver-Arvada-Littleton area! Here is a video of a mailbox repair done out of the state of Colorado.  Just goes to show we do nice work there or here. OOPS! I backed into the mailbox! Here is a small job that I did before coming here to Denver.  The homeowner accidentally backed into the mailbox and broke the post at the base. Luckily this was one of those plastic drop over a post type of mailboxes.  All we had to do was dig up the existing broken 4×4 post …