Hot Tub Carpentry Repair West Arvada

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Here’s A Unique Arvada Handyman Project!

This carpentry repair should stop that Colorado wind!

An Arvada Handyman Project close to Golden

Home Repair Overview:

*Install 2″x3″ wood supports to give additional support to the Jacuzzi lid bar.  Tub was damaged when high winds hyper extended the lid support breaking the exterior fascia.

This was an interesting home repair project for me.  I always love when I come across something new that challenges me to find a way to solve the issue.  This type of problem solving is my favorite part of running a small handyman business.

In all this handyman and carpentry repair took about 4 hours including about an hour of Home Depot prep time.  Total charge to the consumer for the repair including materials was $275.

Home Repair Details:

I removed the bar and about 3 fascia boards from each side to expose the hot tubs frame.  It looks like the manufacturer or assembler missed the 2×2 support by about an inch.  On the side of the Jacuzzi where the most damage occurred only 1 screw hit the 2×2 support.

I installed a new 2×3 to the existing 2×2 by sistering the two boards together using a high end exterior screw.  The original screws for the bar were thrown out and replaced with deck-mate exterior style screw.  This repair should be final!

In the spring those screws can be painted and the wood split filled, sanded and stained.  What a great and interesting West Arvada Handyman Project!

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