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Plumbing Repair Water Supply Repair

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OH SHIT!  There’s water pouring out of the ground!

Looks like the landscapers drove there heavy lawn mower over the water meter pit.  OOPS!

plumbing repair water main repairOOOPS!  This one cost a few bucks!  Here is a video of a water supply line that broke after a heavy lawn mower rolled over the concrete water meter pit.

Throughout the development (Florida) there was a settling of these water meter boxes.  Over the years they sunk lower and lower till one day…

Yes there was a lot of water coming out of this pit.  We got it shut off and extracted the broken piece which broke off at the threaded connection to the meter (homeowners side).  It took a few hours to fix but was easy enough.  A short piece of pipe and we have water to the house again.

Now here in Denver the water pipes are a bit deeper and this just won’t happen.

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