Squatty Potty – The Stool For Better Stools

A Great Toilet Enhancement!

Have you had a great movement (poop) today?

(Check out the video playlist below for the awesome success story, history & more funny videos about Squatty Potty, a SHARK TANK TV show promoted company!)

As a home professional I am constantly looking for new products and services to share.  Here is a cool product that will come in use daily and helps with number two!  Plus I just couldn’t resist sharing this video with you.  LOL

This toilet foot stool comes in several sizes to fit your existing toilet.  Many homes now have elongated high rise toilets which are about 2″ taller than the standard bowl.  Make sure you check this and if you have any question give me a call. 

PS. I replace toilets and recommend a Kohler or American Standard elongated toilet.  What is an elongated toilet?  Well there are two types of toilets; elongated and round.  The original toilet was the round short bowl which is the worst toilet out there.  For men an elongated high rise is best and the most comfortable.  A new elongated high rise will cost between $100 and $200 dollars.  Installation is around $150-$200!

With all the time you spend in the bathroom…   Wouldn’t a new toilet be great?

Get Your Squatty Potty Here:

Squatty Potty

Want MORE…

Here is a YouTube Playlist of everything Squatty Potty! (11 videos)

They also have Bidets, an all wood stool and more!  Flip through the video to check them out.

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