Hot Tub Carpentry Repair West Arvada

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Here’s A Unique Arvada Handyman Project! This carpentry repair should stop that Colorado wind! Home Repair Overview: *Install 2″x3″ wood supports to give additional support to the Jacuzzi lid bar.  Tub was damaged when high winds hyper extended the lid support breaking the exterior fascia. This was an interesting home repair project for me.  I always love when I come across something new that challenges me to find a way to solve the issue.  This type of problem solving is my favorite part of running a small handyman business. In all this handyman and carpentry repair took about 4 hours …

Custom Carpentry Congress Park Denver Handyman

Custom Carpentry Porch Remodel Denver (Congress Park)

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Looking For A Handyman Or Carpenter In The Congress Park Area Of Denver? Here is a video of a custom carpentry porch remodel we did. WOW!  We just created one of the nicest entrances to any home in Congress Park.  Have a look at this!  Here is a custom mailbox and porch remodel that took about a week. This project included light framing, carpentry, electrical and trim work.  We also stained all the wood to give it a clean grainy look.  Two new lights were installed, one on the light post and one that we centered on the porch.  We …

Custom Carpentry Denver Arvada

Fireplace Mantle Install South Denver (Below Cherry Creek)

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Looking For A Carpenter Handyman With Skills??? Here is a video of a Custom Handyman carpentry project we did just south of Cherry Creek in South Denver. WOW! What a great home improvement project!  This project cost around $1000 and really made this room impressive. Several problems were encountered during the construction related to this home repair-improvement.  First, we discovered that the wall that was supposed top be solid brick wall just a fake brick wall.  So we had to change how we had planned doing this project. We decided to cut open the chimney encasement and install several 2×6 …

Port Orange Florida Carpentry Services

Attic Pull Down Ladder Installation

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Do You Need Extra Space? Above your garage may be a perfect space to store those holiday decorations. Here is a great video of a garage attic remodel we did out of state.  We installed a 2×4 grid in the attic and installed 2 layers of plywood. To make this new storage area safer…  We installed an aluminum pull down ladder able to hold over 300lbs.. Have a look and let us know if there is a ladder install in your future!!! Learn about all our Denver Carpentry Services here! Here are a few links to related project articles: Carpentry …

deck repair carpentry port orange south daytona florida

Carpentry Deck Repair

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OOPS!  We broke the deck Mom!  Here is a video recap of a project done in Florida where a family was moving some stuff out of a building they were buying. They went to exit the building with an old safe and it fell over.  When it came crashing down it went right through the deck. Don’t worry, no one got hurt. Learn about all our Denver Carpentry Services here! Here are a few links to related project articles: Carpentry Project 1: Installing an attic pull down ladder Carpentry Project 2: Custom porch remodel Denver Carpentry Project 3: Exterior gate …