Window Caulking & Sealing Denver

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Interior Window Caulking & Painting Prep Top of the line paint jobs have the best paint prep. Learn more about our painting services here! Here is a video of a quick and cheap home repair that makes your painting look fantastic.  Caulk can fill in gaps and cracks that show dark spots rather that the true color of the paint.  Have a look and see just how much of a difference caulking and proper paint prep makes. This project was part of a much larger project where we flipped an apartment for a property management company.  Yes, we offer complete …

Downtown Denver Interior Painting Service

Large Interior Painting Project South Denver (Capitol Hill)

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Looking For A Painter In The Capitol Hill Area? Here is a video of a large Interior Paint Job South Denver. In this home improvement video you will see a home that is about to go on the Denver market.  The homeowners needed a miracle and they needed the whole place painted.  Have a look at the before and after videos and just look at how nice this turned out. This project included several extras like trim repair and trash cleanup.  We painted the ceiling, walls and the worst parts of the trim.  Over 200 holes were patched on the …

Downtown Denver Interior Painting Steps

Interior Painting Downtown Denver (Congress Park)

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Looking For An Interior Painter & Handyman? Here is a video of a local downtown Denver interior painting project we did. These steps needed a lot of paint!  The homeowners were putting their home on the market and we had to work with the homeowners and the realtor.  We actually did about $6,000 in work in this home and it sold in 3 weeks. The steps, rails and spindals were all painted and painted in two colors.  The step itself needed a high traffic type paint and the railings needed just semigloss. View More About Our Services:  Handyman Services       |       …

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Exterior Home Painting 4th Year Results

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We used Benjamin Moore Paints on the exterior of this home! After 4 years it still looks great! Before I left Florida I had the opportunity to take this video.  Four years earlier we painted the exterior of this home for a good friend and client. We used Benjamin Moore exterior paint with shield guard or something.  The color is still just a true as it was when we installed it. If you are looking for a handyman or painter in the local Denver – Arvada area, give us a call.  We offer free estimates and can even help you …

interior painting new smyrna beach florida

Garage Painting And Remodeling

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A Garage Complete Remodel and Painting. Walls, Ceiling, Trim, Doors & Floor Painting Free estimates on all home painting projects! Here is a project I did in Florida.  The entire garage got painted including the concrete floor. The garage floor needed to be stripped or sanded to stop the peeling from the wrong type of paint being put on by the previous contractor. We spent a day sanding, scaping and stripping this floor.  We then coated the floor with a special clear bonding primer and top coated it twice! The walls, ceiling and trim also got painted.  We also replaced …

Exterior Painting Daytona Beach Florida area

Driveway Concrete Repair & Painting

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Can’t Afford To Replace The Driveway? PATCH IT! We offer basic concrete repair and both staining & painting of all interior & exterior concrete surfaces.  The above is a project done in Florida back in early 2016. This concrete driveway had multiple cracks that needed repair.  There was a previous patch that needed to come up before being sealed. We pressure washed the drive, primed the concrete and painted it.  This project complimented the full garage rehab we did. Check that video post out here: See All Our Denver Painting Services here! Related Painting Video Posts: Interior Painting …