Vinyl Coated Tile (VCT) Installation, Repair & Maintenance

VCT TILE Commercial/Residential

Serving Denver, Littleton, Arvada, Westminster, Aurora & in-between!

VCT TILEAre you looking for vinyl coated tile installation, repair or restoration?  We offer below market rates for all service related (cleaning) contracts.  Get 10% off all installations (labor only) through June 2017!

What is VCT Tile?

VCT is a commercially (sometimes residential) applied vinyl flooring that is coated with wax.  Vinyl coated tile is just that, there are layers of wax which keep traffic and furniture off the actual surface of the tile. Over time the wax becomes dirty and dull and needs to be refinished.  Refinishing VCT restores the new like look to even heavily soiled VCT flooring.

VCT is used in high traffic areas and requires regular maintenance or restoration to remove dirt and restore the shinny surface that VCT tile is known for.  Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance will keep this commercial floor product looking excellent year after year.


We offer VCT install, repair, maintenance & refinishing throughout the Denver Colorado area.  We always offer a free estimate and consultation along with a plan for achieving your desired results.

  • Professional VCT Installation.
  • Repair Damaged VCT Tiles.
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly VCT Cleaning.
  • VCT Stripping/Waxing/Restoration

 Here is a video made by Armstrong Flooring showing a full install of VCT!

Let us restore & refinish your vinyl coated tile floor!

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