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Small Brick Patios

Need an Arvada small patio installer?

I customize small brick and flagstone patios!

Here is a video of a small brick patio I installed in Arvada Colorado.  This project cost around $300 in materials and $400 in labor.  In the video above you can see that when I started there was just 1/2″ stones.  I had to remove those and got lucky that a neighbor wanted them.

I only had to move the stones about 100 yards, hallelujah!

After removing the stones, I had to dig out several inches of dirt and make a level the area.  Once this basic prep was done I needed sand and crushed stone base.  I carried in about 2,000 lbs of material for this little brick paver patio.

The stones are simple to put down once you have a good base.  I kept a gradual slope to the new patio and near the plant I jumped the stones up.  The overall idea was to make an area the was easier on the owners pets feet.  The homeowner had several small dogs and those stones were ruff on their feet.

If you are looking for a local Arvada landscaper & handyman, I’m your guy!  If you are looking for a great landscaping supply yard there is one down near 52nd and Sheridan!  I was so impressed that I took a video and wrote this post here:

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