HVAC Quarterly & Annual Service

Plus heating & cooling accessories like swamp coolers, thermostats and home automation.

Looking for a service tech for your home or businesses heating and cooling systems?  There are different services that need to be done at different intervals including cleaning out the air vents.


Quarterly HVAC System Service Arvada/Westminster

Your Inside Unit:  Every 3 months you need to change your HVAC filter inside your home.  There are several different types and sizes of filters so you will need to match what you currently have.

This is one of the most important things a person can do to increase the quality of the air in there home space.  There are cheap filters and filters that have a higher quality.

They also sell a series of filters that can be cut and inserted on the delivery end where the heated or cooled air enters the room.  If your filters are always black and dusty consider having your air pipes cleaned by a pro.

Bi-Annual HVAC Service Arvada/Westminster

Every 6 months the weather changes and there may be seasonal things you need to do.  Things to check on are your swamp cooler or in some cases covering/uncovering an exterior unit.

Swamp coolers have a water line and need to be shut down and drained to prevent freezing.  In the spring you will need to turn it all back on.

You may want to consider having this system cleaned and the straw filters changed.  Did you know that they make cedar inserts that replace the standard straw filter?  They change the smell of the air to cedar!

Annual HVAC Service Arvada/Westminster

Annually you should have your heating and cooling system inspected by a service tech.  There are things that need to be adjusted and cleaned.  If you have a heat pump you need to have service twice a year.

Help! I need a payment plan for a new HVAC system.

Need a new HVAC system or some aspect of a new system?  There is a local large HVAC company that offers a long term contract for a new heating/cooling system.  Call me for more details…

HVAC Vent Grill Covers Arvada & Westminster

Are you looking for a way to make a dirty or old grill nice again?  Below is my Pinterest collection of HVAC (heat & Cooling) vent covers.  There are floor, wall and ceiling mounted covers and they vary in sizes and shapes.  You definitely need a tape measure if your going to order new vent covers.

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