Need A Sweet Place To Stash Something?

We can help you install safes and secret hiding spots in your Arvada or Westminster home. 

Here is our collection of home safes and devices to hide cash and weapons!  You can purchase hundreds of different devices that conceal and/or lock up items. 

My favorite is the picture frame, gun mount!  The wall picture conceals a firearm set up to grab quickly in the event of an emergency intrusion.  See our “Safes” Pinterest Board here.

We can install your new safe and even help pick it up.  Some of these wall safes and hidden spots may need framing or drywall work.  We can get your Arvada or Westminster home set up right.

Let us secure you new safe or help you pick an extra sneaky spot.  If you have some ideas you want to share, drop them in the comments below.

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