Home Security Tips Checklist:

Here are some things to consider about home security for your Arvada, Westminster or Denver area home!

The majority of all burglary related crime is a crime of opportunity, not planned targeted robberies.  There are some simple things you can do to increase not just your sense of security but have real home security.  

The idea is to make your home, garage and vehicle a harder target and less appealing to burglar due to risk of being caught.  Below is a list of tips and things to consider increasing the security of.

My Arvada Colorado Home Security Tips

    • Home Security Tips ArvadaLock your doors and windows.
    • Install pin locks (secondary) on 1st floor windows.
    • Install window and door security shutters or bars.
      • Join your local Nextdoor!  Nextdoor is just like Facebook but connects you to your neighbors within a few miles.  It’s estimated 50% of all neighborhood are participating in this community watch and connection service.
    • Install window security bars.
    • Secure ladders & tools so they can’t be used to get in.
    • Get an alarm system, there cheap and make noise.
    • Cut back bushes & cover from around your home.
    • Install motion & landscape lighting, eliminate cover.
    • Install deadbolts on all exterior doors.
    • Reinforce exterior door jambs & hinges.
    • Hide your security pin pad so the make/model can’t be seen.
    • Get a dog that barks!
    • Get signs (alarm, dog, gun, crazy owner).
    • Get a safe.
    • Don’t leave envelopes, money or notes taped to the door.
    • Install tracking software on laptops & other electronics.
    • Take your name off the house/mailbox!
    • Install wireless security cameras & send to the cloud.
    • Check the garage door emergency release is secured with a zip tie.
    • Don’t leave keys lying around.  Install a key lock box secured to the wall.
    • Install a peep hole in all solid exterior doors.
    • Install a metal security door with a locking knob and deadbolt.
    • Check the sliding glass door!  Install pin lock & 3m security film.
    • Lock your vehicles or park in the garage.
    • Install lighted large house numbers.
    • Have a trusted friend check daily on the house & get the mail when away.
    • Don’t announce your going away on social media!
    • Check your social media’s privacy settings for all members of the household.
    • Install “property marking” tags on valuables like TV’s, computers, iPad…
    • Know who comes and goes including your contractors help.
    • Install WiFi or App controlled light bulbs, so you can turn lights on and off.
  • Get a doorbell camera system.  Burglars are known to knock to see if your home.

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