Arvada Colorado Interior & Exterior PaintingDrywall, Painting & Power Washing in Arvada & Westminster:

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Looking for some experienced Arvada & Westminster area painters?  We offer interior & exterior painting services that are customized to your needs.  We charge per coat, so we recommend a top quality paint.

We can help you select colors, purchase paint and get your project scheduled.  We offer free estimates for every interior or exterior painting project.

Arvada & Westminster Power-Washing or Pressure-Washing

You would be shocked at what even a low pressure power washer can clean.  Brick and stone come up clean as new.  Previously painted surfaces can be rinsed before that new coat of paint.  Pressure-washing can really make a quick and instant change to any home.  We recommend an annual washing and rinsing of your home, walkways and driveway.

Arvada & Westminster Drywall Patching & Spackle Services

We patch damaged drywall in all sizes.  Common drywall leak repairs can be from toilets, showers, tubs or from the roof!  Obviously before any patching or repair is done the leak must be dealt with.

  If for any reason you ever discover a bubble in the ceiling and water appears to be getting ready to come through, get a bucket and poke a hole.  Water can be a very destructive force especially when it starts to pile up somewhere.

Once drywall is dry and the leak is repaired the drywall can be restored to new.  Matching the paint is another issue.

We Can Remove & Repair Damaged Drywall On:

    • Skylights.
    • Ceilings.
    • Walls.
    • Garages.
  • Basements.

Arvada & Westminster Painting Prep (Caulking & Spackle)

Arvada Painting Company

Proper painting prep is key to a fine looking finished product.  I hear it time and again…  Customers are always trying to cut a corner or two.  Truth is that that is what costs you more. 

Using quality paint and properly prepping baseboards and trim will allow a nicer longer lasting finish.  My personal preference is to caulk almost all the baseboards and trim so that there are no gaps or goofy places where painting an edge would be difficult.

The use of quality paint is also a good idea.  For exterior paint always go top of the line and expect to pay around $55 a gallon!  For interior I would always do the paint and primer in one and don’t buy the econo brand.

    • Wall Paper Removal.
    • Wall Primering and Spot Removal.
    • Trim Repair and Caulking.
  • Wall and Ceiling Spackle Prep.

Arvada & Westminster Interior Painting Projects

We do both small painting projects and complete home or apartment flips.  As mentioned above, using quality paints and doing proper prep is the best plan for lasting success.  However, we do offer a cheap, cheap painting flip service where we do just a basic paint and cleanup flip.

    • Interior Door Painting
    • Ceiling Painting
    • Wall Painting
    • Trim Painting
    • Bathroom & Kitchen Painting
  • Apartment Quick Painting Flips

Denver Exterior Painting Service

Arvada & Westminster Exterior Painting Projects

We offer exterior painting services on all surfaces including metal, plastic, brick, stucco, concrete and stone.  Choosing the right paint for your exterior surface is key to the paint sticking around.  Always check the exterior for places where water may be running down the wall or worse, found a way inside the wall.

There are several great painting products on the market.  Depending on the surface being painted we may choose Sherwin & Williams, Benjamin Moore or Behr(Home Depot).  For metal there are some really great marine based paints that are $60 a quart!  Oh so worth it!

We Also Do Specialty Painting Projects in Arvada & Westminster!

Here is a collection of painting related videos to scroll through…

 Give us a call to set up your Denver area interior or exterior painting project!

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