Need an experienced kitchen sink faucet installer in Arvada or Westminster?

In 22 years I have installed well over 800 kitchen sink faucets.  There are many types and styles to choose from.  Most kitchen sinks will have a three hole setup but can easily be switched to a single stem by adding some caps or a plate.  That part is normally included in with the new faucet.  They do make single caps for old spray holes.

Are You Looking For A Better Selection Of Kitchen Faucets?

Did you know that there is a with millions of products and hundreds of kitchen faucets to choose from?  I have collected my favorite kitchen sink faucets into a Pinterest Board.  Below is that collection of incredible kitchen sink faucets ranging from $50 to $300!

Visit the full Pinterest Board here:

You found a faucet, now what?

Home Depot will allow you to order a faucet online and have it shipped for free to a local Arvada or Westminster store.  If for any reason it isn’t what you are looking for you can just return it.  Home Depot has thousands of faucet to choose from.

What does it cost to install a kitchen sink faucet in Arvada or Westminster?

In many cases I flat rate the install at $150 plus any parts needed.  Almost all kitchen sink faucets are completely separate from the drain assembly.  This is not the truth for bathroom faucets which are connected to the drain.

So as long as you are not buying a hands free or super deluxe faucet (over $200), the install should be $150 plus parts.

What's it cost to install a hands free kitchen sink faucet in Arvada or Westminster?

The cost for installing a hands free faucet is just slightly higher than the base kitchen sink faucet install price.  Figure an added $50 but if I run into issues the cost could go up.  I have already had one out of 5 of these faucets be defective which cost a full hour getting replaced.

Does Small Jobs Denver supply any kitchen sink faucets?

No we do not.  We will supply connection pieces as they vary from install to install. 

With so many to choose from we leave that up to you.  If you are a landlord or apartment complex you should still pick the cheap faucet and brand. 

We do not stand behind other people products so if there is an issue with the new faucet you are responsible.  Sorry.

Wheat Ridge, Thornton & Denver Kitchen Sink Installs

Do you live farther away and outside of our service zone?  We will still install for you but have to charge you a bit more.  If you are in Wheat Ridge, Denver or Thornton there is a $50 charge added to the $150 install cost.  If you are in Lakewood there is an $80 charge.

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