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I offer landscaping services like mulching, edging and trimming.

Denver Landscaping ServicesMy Arvada/Westminster landscaping services cover many smaller areas like weed spraying, mulching and planting.  Let’s split these landscape areas up into smaller groups.

Arvada/Westminster Mulch & Decorative Stone Install:

The fastest and cheapest way to make the outside of your home look great is to mulch or add decorative stone.  There is an assortment of mulches and stones available.  Home Depot and Lowe’s both carry mulch and small crushed stone to larger 2″ river rock.  The local Arvada or Westminster landscaping supply yard should have even a better selection and bulk delivery to your driveway!

Remember to always add a weed preventer like Preen and/or a barrier like weed block.  Larger stones are available and can add accent to larger flower bed areas.

Yard & Lawn Aeration Arvada/Westminster:

Lawn aeration involves perforating (putting small hole in) the soil to allow air, water & nutrients into the ground.  This process helps the grass roots grow stronger & greener.  This is a simple and fairly cheap service that costs between $50 & $60.  It is recommended that this is done in the spring and/or fall and done before grass treatments are applied.

Flower Beds & Boxes in Arvada/Westminster:

Flower bed edging is what makes a flower bed stand out.  I like landscape timbers simply because you can stack them, nail them and cut them easily.  I have personally built a 9 landscape timber wall under a porch area to keep the dirt back.  There are many options when it comes to landscape edging.

Another choice is a manufactured brick like what Home Depot, Lowe’s or a landscape supply house has.  Bricks like these need only to be set in sand, leveled  and stacked.  There are also specialty companies that pour concrete, color it, stamp it with a design and shape it to your needs.  This is a little pricey but very nice!

Lawn Treatments (Weed Control) Westminster/Arvada:

There are recommended lawn treatments for spring, summer and fall.  Results can be seen in as little as one treatment.  Getting on an annual schedule where weed and feed is added twice a year is our recommendation.  You’ll enjoy greener grass that has less weeds than the neighbors.  We also treat walkways, patios and curbs to ensure a weed free environment year round.

Planting & Transplanting Westminster/Arvada:

We also offer planting and transplanting.  Did you know Home Depot has a guarantee on there plants?  There are a few things you have to do like water the plant but it’s a good deal since planting costs money.  We offer small and large tree, bush and shrub planting and can even move some bushes, shrubs and trees.

Shrub Trimming & Removal Arvada/Westminster:

Are things growing out of control?  Let us cut back those shrubs and bushes!  We can bag or haul off the debris as needed.  If you need bushes pulled we can do that too.  We have chains and rope that are used to tug the bushes out of the ground.  Of coarse there is always the old fashioned way where we dig them up with a shovel.  Let us clean up your property this year.

Lawn Irrigation Arvada & Westminster:

Watering your lawn and flower beds a few times a week is key to keeping a healthy looking yard.  We install new irrigation systems, repair existing sprinkler systems and even help set up your systems run times.  Every year you will need to winterize your system by shutting it off and blowing out the lines so no water remains and freezes.  We offer sprinkler head replacements, sprinkler line/pipe repair and zone valve repair/replacement.

Tree Trimming Arvada/Westminster:

We trim and take down small to medium sized trees.  We can trim branches away from buildings and roofing.  Remember that branches that sit on top of your roofs shingles will ruin the roof!  We can also haul away the branches and other debris as needed.

French Drains Arvada/Westminster:

A French drain or water run off, is a pipe and stone area buried under a low water collection area.  By adding crushed stone water can pass quicker into the ground.  Inside the crushed stone is a pipe that caries the unwanted water away.  French drains are used to eliminate swampy areas around the home.  Ground water should not collect near the basement foundation walls.  These drains can be simple and small or built on a larger scale.

Garden Prep (Tilling) Arvada & Westminster:

There is just nothing like produce grown at home in your own garden!  My favorite is tomatoes and cucumbers.  We not only till and set up gardens, but we can maintain them weekly so you don’t have too!

We handle the whole thing…  You decide where and how big and we will install fencing, gate and turn the soil.  Why not consider a small home garden this year for you and yours?

Lawn Mowing Arvada/Westminster:

We currently don’t mow or cut grass but are looking into it for the 2017 season.  Give us a call if you are interested in this type of service.

Debris & Trash Hauling Westminster/Arvada:

GOT TRASH!  We haul stuff away!  We offer yard and home cleanups that include complete home tear outs and demos.  In some cases we will opt to have a large dumpster dropped at the location.  Dumpsters are usually on site no longer than 5 business days.  We also have trailers that can be loaded up with junk and trash and taken away to the dump.







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