Looking For Yard Sprinkler Irrigation Help in Arvada or Westminster?

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We Open, Close, Install & Maintain Systems (all makes).

A properly functioning home or business sprinkler system will make all the difference.  Testing a system requires looking at the solenoids for each zone and each sprinkler head.  Once your system is tuned you should be good most of the season.

OOPS!  Somethings Broken

In many cases yard systems will run without a ton of huge costly repairs.  Every once and awhile a someone will come along and run over a sprinkler head.  So, we offer line brake and sprinkler head replacement in Arvada, Westminster and the surrounding area.

Yearly Maintenance

Every year there is an annual prep for winter and opening in spring.  A tech needs to shut down the system and blow out the pipes in the yard.  This service takes about 1 hour and costs around $100.  In the spring your Arvada or Westminster sprinkler system needs to be pressurized and the zones tested and set for the new season.


We also offer small to medium Yard sprinkler design and installations.  We also can rehab existing partially broken systems or create an above ground system you store and set up on timer off the homes hose bibs.  We primarily serve Arvada, Westminster and North Denver.

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