Looking to have a few things removed from your home to the dump?

Arvada trash removal options to consider:

There are a lot of options when it comes to trash removal including your home trash service, local bulk trash services and a small contractor like me.  If you are looking for a company that does not have a minimum and will cater to your homes needs, call me! 

Small Jobs Denver serves the Denver Metro areas of Arvada, Westminster, Wheat Ridge and the general Northwest Denver Metro area.  Below are some options for trash removal.

Bagster: A Waste Management Trash Service:

One of the local options for trash removal and hauling is Bagster.  Bagster is a service where you buy a bag or flexible dumpster and load it yourself.  You then call to have it picked up by Waste Management or one of their associates.  Depending on the type of debris (compost), they may not pick your stuff up at all.

Available throughout the Denver Metro, Bagster requires you to buy a bag and pay for hauling.  The costs associated are $120 for up to 3,300 lbs. and the cost of the bag at $25 bucks.  If you do a second bag you pay $95 plus the cost of a second bag.

I personally use this service for demolition type projects that are small to medium.  When I have just basic debris that I can fit in a pickup, I just go to the dump! 

However, if I need to save time getting a Bagster can help from having to find a spot for a real dumpster.

Arvada Recycling:  Recycle It!

Do you have metal to recycle like aluminum siding, a water heater or some old metal fencing?  Arvada Recycling may take that stuff from you.  Arvada Recycling will pay you for good metals like aluminum, copper and brass.  Items like water heaters they will accept but will give no money.

Arvada Recycling is located at 9630 Ralston Road in Arvada just down from the Five Guys Burger Joint.  No they do not accept TV’s.

Small Jobs Denver Trash Removal:

Of course there is my service!  If you need trash service for single items or just want a more personal service, call me!  Let Small Jobs Denver customize the removal or your junk.  Give me a call to set up your time!

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