Wood Laminate Flooring: NOT a great flooring option for your Arvada/Westminster home.

This is the stuff that’s always on sale at Home Depot!

arvada laminate flooring installerLaminate now comes in a hundred patterns & colors including brick, wood & stone.  One of the original brands of laminate flooring was Pergo.  Laminate flooring is great for medium traffic homes and will last up to ten years but will warp and look horrible if you get it wet.

Wood laminate is NOT waterproof and has a poor water resistance.  A better choice for your new floating floor is the new luxury vinyl tiles and planks.  It’s a floating floor that is waterproof and has a lifetime warranty!  Learn more here.

The Arvada or Westminster Home Depot always has some deal on wood laminate flooring.  In fact, they may even have several skids of this stuff they are liquidating.  It’s common to find laminate under $0.99 cents a sq/ft..  Just remember that the install is more expensive than luxury vinyl and they are getting rid of this crap for a reason!

There are also additional charges for thresholds and trim.  So when you see the Home Depot advertised installation price remember that special cuts, trim and thresholds are always extra and pricey!  These extra charges would be the same for a wood laminate install or luxury vinyl install.

  The overall cost of your floor is a serious investment.  Before you save $500 and get a crappy laminate consider all your options.

We serve the Arvada Colorado 80003 area and would be happy to provide you a free estimate.  For those not trying to save a few hundred dollars on materials, check out LVT or LVP flooring.  It’s even nicer and last up to 20 years!

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