Attic Pull Down Ladder Installation

Attic Pull Down Ladder Installation

There Could Be Extra Space You Haven’t Accessed!

Above your garage may be a perfect space to store those holiday decorations.

Many homes have hidden space where seasonal items can be stored.  These days a family have have hundreds of items that are just for one month a year.  There are great areas where these items can be stored and be completely out of the way year round.  Attic ladders come in many space saving models too!  They have ladders that will fit into a small closet.  Below is a video of a standard attic pull down ladder installation in a garage. 

attic ladder installer denver metroHere is a great video of a garage attic remodel we did out of state.  We installed a 2×4 grid in the attic and installed 2 layers of plywood.

To make this new storage area safer…  We installed an aluminum pull down ladder able to hold over 300lbs..

Have a look and let us know if there is a ladder install in your future!!!

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