Have You Seen Bedrock Landscaping Supply?

They really need a golf cart system for customers so they can see everything on the lot.  The landscaping supply yard is 10 football fields long and has pile after pile of high quality mulch, dirt and stone.  This place is so impressive I just had to put a video together for you!

Check Out Bedrock Landscaping Materials Here!

What did you think?  Is there a better source for stone or mulch in the area?  I counted dozens of piles of stone and sand plus 7 piles of mulch.  Bedrock Landscaping Materials is located in North West Denver close to Arvada, Westminster and Lakewood.

Delivery: How You Get It Home

If you are getting a plie of landscaping materials Bedrock can deliver it for you.  If you need smaller delivery they may offer that also or I can recommend a friend with a truck.  Bedrock has a delivery request form to fill out for delivery, just make sure you plan out a few days or at least 48 hours.  You can request delivery here.

 Parking At Bedrock

There lot is located on 52nd between Sheridan and Wadsworth.  There isn’t much parking that keeps your tiny SUV away from the dump trucks.  So Perhaps parking out front of the wall, street side is best.  There are sometimes two spots in the front but they are close to the scale that measures truck loads.  Plus the lot is all gravel and dirt so there is some kicking around of debris. 

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