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Copper Wire Art is a Cool Gift

I recently discovered a neighbor and client who makes these cool copper wire art objects.  To be fair, it’s a family deal and together they make some really cool stuff!  Have a look at this video and perhaps you can think up a few designs.

I actually took home one of the butterflies (large) and a salamander (the darker colored one).  I have a friend who is a researcher and she studies butterflies.  I thought it would make a cool gift.

AHHH, What to choose...

So if I send that butterfly back home to friends, I have to send gifts to several others.  Time to make a list and secretly discover their favorite animal. 

My best friend loves Capybaras which is a giant extremely friendly hamster.  When I say giant I mean the size of a large dog!  Now I wouldn’t send her a life sized one but a small pendant or mantle piece would look cool.

Current Copper Wire Art Designs & Possibilities

I saw about a dozen and a half designs and then several sizes.  Those little salamanders were different colors so I’ll have to check if it’s a colored copper or a different metal.  So maybe there are 3 choices to be made before considering adding some sort of stone or charm.

So object size, object design, type and density (thickness) of wire. 

The designs I saw included butterflies, dragonflies, scorpions, centipedes, spiders and a Tree Of Life.

Adding Stones, Rocks or Crystals

Many people use crystals as a totem or good luck charm. I know copper is a special metal for certain crystals and people.  Many Tree Of Life designs have crystals or rocks.  

So what do you think?  What designs would you create?

Thomas Bowman Jr

For more than 20 years I have run my own handyman service. I grew up near Valley Forge Pennsylvania, graduated in 1991 and attended plumbing trade school. In 2018 I will be 45 years old, put my experience to work for you! As a second business I build websites and offer strategic web services.

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