Do You Have Experience In Installing, Repairing or Cleaning Floors Professionally?

We install & clean vinyl coated tile, luxury vinyl tile, wood laminates, clean carpet, clean leather and restore stone surfaces.

How long have you worked in the flooring industry?  Do you have experience installing VCT(vinyl coated tile) or LVT (luxury vinyl tile)?  Can you do basic carpentry and cut angles?  Are you established in Denver or on a wobble?  Do you have tools and dependable transportation?  Do you have any felonies or drug habits?  Who’s more awesome: Gandalf, Radagast or Saruman?  No really…

We are growing so fast we have opportunities for both day work, short term, piece work and long term.  We are looking for 2-5 people that can either be helpers or subcontractors.

Do you have other skills?  I personally own Small Jobs Denver, an Arvada based handyman service that is booming in Northwest Denver.  I am looking for a helper and or another very experienced handyman perhaps with a previous business.  I have some tools but you will need you own personal set of basic tools.

I have an amazing amount of lead generation and every day the site is getting bigger and more targeted.  My largest handyman based job areas are Arvada, Wheat Ridge, North Denver and Westminster (Federal to Ward, 30th to 100th).

My business partner owns a full service construction company that does the bigger a to z projects.  They do landscaping, home & commercial remodels and more.  He has 3 to 10 guys working on these various projects.  He has a network for permitted work and is looking for serious pros to do this type of work.  He also offers day work and piece work for stuff like tile, demo, painting, flooring, texturing, cabinets, landscaping and roofing (residential and commercial).

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