Is Your Flooring Waterproof or Just Water Resistant?

Is Your Flooring Waterproof or Just Water Resistant?

Look for the “100% waterproof” statement on your new flooring.

Water resistant ISN’T waterproof, there’s a difference!

In the video above you can watch as several different types of floating flooring is tested.  As a consumer you need to know that some of these vinyl floor still have wood in the core or may be wood plated.  For many consumers choosing a wood laminate flooring is their first choice just because of price.

In reality, we actually charge less to install luxury vinyl flooring than that cheap discounted wood laminate stuff!  In fact, the labor charge is about 35% cheaper!!!

In my professional career I have seen a lot of water damage from broken pipes, sewer and rain water damage.  Flooring always seems to take the biggest hit.  Drywall and trim are easy to repair compared to hardwood or wood laminate which almost always need to be replaced. 

I have personally installed ten thousand plus square feet of wood laminate, real hardwood, cheap vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring.  My favorite and the easiest to install by far is the new luxury vinyl.  I don’t need a saw, just a razor knife.  This flooring comes in high definition, is durable, waterproof and lasts almost forever.

So have you really looked at luxury vinyl flooring?

For between $1.75 to $6.99 (per sq. ft.) there are hundreds of styles and patterns to choose from.  This flooring is a floating floor style meaning it doesn’t get glued or nailed to the sub-floor underneath.

In just a day or so you can have a virtually indestructible waterproof floor that will last as long as your home does. 

Check out these short 8 second videos of different luxury vinyl tile styles!

In the below video box you can see a bunch of short 8 second videos showing the high definition and different style.  Plugging your laptop into a nice TV through an HDMI cord would really make this flooring look good!

Do you live in the Arvada, Westminster, or Denver areas?  You can learn more about our luxury vinyl flooring installation services here!



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