Have you heard of Freecycle?

Reduce, Recycle & Reuse!  Our common efforts make a difference.

In this video I share an incredible local & national service that I have great respect for.  It’s called Freecycle and it’s all about getting rid of your junk to someone who wants it.  By using Freecycle you can keep from sending something usable to the dump and help someone out who needs it.

What kind of stuff can you give away on Freecycle?

*TV’s     *Computers     *Cars     *Furniture

*Appliances     *Rugs     *Windows

*Cabinets     *Dirt     *Just About Anything

What Don’t They Take?

*Firearms     *Alcohol     *Drugs     *Illegal Items

You can read about it here.

Check it out for yourself!  You can post stuff that you want to get rid of and fish for stuff your looking for.  Plus it’s a great way to help reduce over common footprint.  I am currently participating in the Arvada, Westminster and Denver Freecycle Groups.  You can find your local Colorado Freecycle here.

Tell me what your thoughts on Freecycle are in the comments below.

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