Gate & Fence Repair Downtown Denver (Capitol Hill)

Gate & Fence Repair Downtown Denver (Capitol Hill)

Looking for a handyman with fencing, gate and carpentry skills?

Here is a video of a local downtown Denver home repair project where we reset and reworked a gate.  Have a look for yourself…

This Handyman Project Details:

Gate Repair Carpentry Downtown DenverThis was a small side project that was done while remodeling a front porch of a home just outside of Capitol Hill in Congress Park.  The gate was in really bad shape and needed to be reworked on both the hinge side and the latch side.  Another issue was that 3 other handymen had hacked this gate together.

The gate and fence all had the wrong type of wood used as braces and repairs.  I did this as an extra at no charge to the client.  We had spent so much time going in and out through this opening that it just needed to be fixed!

I removed the door and cut it down by several inches.  I then added several support boards and put exterior screws in almost every board.  I rehung the door and fixed the hinges so that the were level and inline with the gate.

The gate now closes perfectly!  Not only does it latch but it can be locked now too.  Are you looking for a carpenter or handyman in the Denver area?  We serve downtown Denver and are based out of Arvada.  Give us a call for a free estimate!

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Thomas Bowman Jr

For more than 20 years I have run my own handyman service. I grew up near Valley Forge Pennsylvania, graduated in 1991 and attended plumbing trade school. In 2018 I will be 45 years old, put my experience to work for you! As a second business I build websites and offer strategic web services.

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