Hiding Exterior House Wires

Hiding Exterior House Wires

Got an ugly wall where wires are sloppily hung?

There are many ways to conceal or hide ugly wires and service related equipment.  In the video below you will see where a previous homeowner had some sort of a telephone network.  The new owner didn’t want to just get rid of it, so we concealed it in an electrcal box.

HANDYMAN PROJECT HIDING UGLY WIRESHere is a video of me installing a metal box onto the outside of a home.  These wires went to larger setup inside.  Not knowing what was what the homeowner decided on the simplest solution. 

Home Depot sells all sorts of electrical covers that are waterproof and weatherproof.  I simply drilled several holes so I could set a few anchors and hung the box.  Now if he decides to use it in the future its there to adapt to.

Do you have ugly wires that you want to conceal?  Give us a call and lets see what your specific issue is.  They make all sorts of fences and covers for just about any exterior service fixture.  some of these include fake rocks big enough to cover an ugly phone tower thing!

Thomas Bowman Jr

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