Here Are 25+ Handyman & Home Repair Projects Under $150 In Labor.

The handyman projects below should fall into the labor estimates provided.  Material costs have been estimated and are completely controlled by you.  Before purchasing any materials have a chat with me.  I have tried to note below the common pitfalls to watch out for.

  • Some of these projects won’t take an hour($65).  You can combine projects into a full hour.
Ceiling Fan Replacement 1-2 hrs.  $50+ * Don’t forget the remote control & light bulbs. Consider buying Hampton Bay or Hunter fans.
Deadbolt Installation  1.5 hrs.  $20+ * Buy Schlage or high end Kwikset .
 Window Screen Screen Replacement .5 hrs. $15+ * Screens are taken to a window store & then re-installed.  Save the frames even if you want them replaced (measurements).
Door Knob & Lock Replacement  1 hr. $20+ * Switching door knobs & deadbolts is fairly easy.  Look for lock kits with matching keys (look for code on package).
Interior Door Replacement 2-3 hrs. $40+ * Does not include painting, install and caulk only.
Picture Hanging 1 hr. $5+ * I got a laser level!
Rug Removal (1000sq) 1-4 hrs. $25+ * Have you heard about Bagster the mini dumpster?  It’s a Denver Waste Management product.
 Trash Removal (Bagster Load) 1-4 hrs.  $175+ * I can load a Bagster in 2-4 hours depending on how much stuff your hoarding removing.
 Replace Kitchen Sink Faucet  1.5 hrs. $45+ * Spend at least $80.  I like Moen, Delta or Kohler.
Replace Bathroom Sink Faucet 1.5 hrs. $45+ * Spend at least $50.  I like Moen, Delta or Kohler.
Rebuild Toilet 1 hr. $30+ * Let me pickup the parts for this one.
Shower Door Removal 1 hr. $50+ * Get a really nice washable curtain online.
Shower Head Replacement 1 hr. $10+ * There are so many to choose from.
Install Window Shutters 1-2 hrs. $50+ * Shop online for the best selection.
Window Caulking 1-2 hrs. $10+ * It’s smart to check the seal around your windows.
Bee Spraying 1 hr. $10+ * I spray for wasps & small nests.
Exterior Door Peek 1 hr. $20+ * Never open the door without looking first.
Replace Light Fixture 1 hr. $20+ * There are great led light fixtures with almost forever bulbs.
Replace Existing Bulbs With LED 1 hr. $20+ * Dollar Tree has $1 light bulbs that are led (sometimes).  Regular light bulbs are 2 for $1.
Fix The Gate 1 hr. $25+ * Sometimes a little adjustment goes a long way.
 Replace The Air Filter  1 hr. $10+  * Have you ever had your air ducts cleaned?
Seal Coat The Driveway 2 hrs. $100+ * Seal Coat to stop cracks, wear and tear.
Install security Cameras (ARLO) 1.5 hrs. $200+ * Costco has the best deal I have found.
Install Secondary Security (Pin Locks) 1-2 hrs. $25+ * Pin locks are used on windows and sliding glass doors for added security.
 Install New Mailbox  1.5 hrs.  $25+ * Two hours gets the post and box replaced.
 Small Mulching Projects  1-2 hrs.  $25+ * Bagged or by the yard/ton (delivered).
Bathroom Slow Drain Repair 1 hr. $25+ * Bathroom sink drains collect hair and other gross stuff.  Treat your drains to keep them flowing.
Bath-Tub or Shower Caulking 2 hrs. $25+ * Don’t let water damage cost you more.
Install Simplisafe Security System 1 hr. $250+ * The best own it, don’t rent it security system.
 Install Window A/C or Swamp Cooler 1 hr.  $75+ * Window A/C or window swamp coolers are easy, cheap & work.
 Seal Attic Access For Weatherization  1 hr. $25+ * Is it DRAFTY? Your taking on heat & cold from the attic, seal your hatch!
Fix The Sticking Door 1 hr. $5+ * I am a door expert!
Quick Power Wash 1-2 hrs $15+ * Don’t let your investment look dirty.

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