Do You Need A Guy With A Shovel & Snow Blower?

Arvada snow shoveling

I offer snow removal in the neighborhoods closest to Hackberry Hill in Arvada.  Hackberry Hill is located near Sheridan and 72nd.

 Do you need your walks and driveway cleared when it snows?

If so you can get on my list and when the snow hits more than 3″ I will be on my way. 

Not A Homeowner.  Looking To Shovel Snow?

Below I have left comments active.  You can post your information and advertise for snow removal services for free.  I only do about 10 homes and that depends on the amount of snow.  I also do it all by hand, so If you have a plow you can post too.  Make sure you tell consumers where you are and how far you will go.  Remember it’s hard to get around which is why I just do mostly Hackberry Hill.

It is also important that you actually show up.  Make sure if you give your word you keep your word. 

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  1. How much do you charge for 2 car driveway and sidewalk?

    1. I really have just been doing the close neighborhood and really would like to find younger folks to do this. Snow is so heavy here. Be nice if I had a plow but I don’t. I shovel till I can’t which is like 5 driveways. I would say $30 to $40 as long as it’s not 6″ or more. If you find someone have them drop me a note. I am in the middle of the Hackberry Hill neighborhood.

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