Are You Looking For A Better Selection Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring for your Arvada/Westminster home?

Did you know that there is a with millions of products and hundreds of luxury vinyl flooring selections to choose from?  If you are willing to wait a few weeks then this may be a choice for you.

I have collected my favorite luxury vinyl flooring styles into a Pinterest Board.  Below is that collection of incredible luxury vinyl flooring!

You can view this board on Pinterest here:


Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Installation in Arvada or Westminster

Are you looking for an installer of LVT.  I do custom installs and the price listed for install at Home depot is off a bit.  Home Depot doesn’t tell you it’s extra for trim work and threshold work.  They are so sneaky!

There is a charge per square foot and then there are the extras that you absolute cannot cheat on.  I have seen some thresholds cost $200 or more to cut and install.

Let me give you an honest quote that is fair and will allow me to spend the time loving your floor into existence!

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