Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation Arvada Colorado

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation Arvada Colorado

WOW!  Luxury Vinyl Flooring Rocks!

Commercial grade, 100% waterproof vinyl, lifetime residential warranty, no glue or saw needed, floating floor.

luxury vinyl flooring denverThis was just an amazing project with amazing people!  First, a special thanks to Pam & Derrick for the cookies, Chinese food, pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn surprise and great review

In the above video you can see this home improvement project unfold.  Luxury Vinyl Flooring comes in many patterns and thicknesses.  Here I installed commercial grade thick luxury vinyl tile made by Allure.  This luxury vinyl flooring comes in planks(LVP) and tiles(LVT).  There are hundreds of colors if you plan ahead and I suggest you do!

Check this out.  You could plug your laptop into your TV using a HDMI cable and flip through the images in high definition.  These floors truly reflect the true grains of many different types of woods from around the world.  Shaw has Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dark Wood763 to choose from.  The print on the vinyl is in high definition and this commercial brand had the FEEL of the grain too!

Here are a few sites to check out: (763 Style & Color Combinations) – Available at Lowes (5 in store) – At The Home Depot  (25 styles online, 5 in store)

Alright!  It took two days to put this floor down and then a day to put down the trim and thresholds.  Total square footage was about 300 for the floor and 75 for the quarter round trim.  The material cost was $3 a square foot but it was the color they were looking for.  The materials cost them 3 times what wood laminate would have, but this floor is permanent and wood laminate ain’t!

As a final touluxury vinyl flooring gray woodch I installed (with a little help) a new ceiling fan.  The final product turned out just fantastic and with a little paint touch up and threshold staining, it’s a wrap!

Learn more about our luxury vinyl floor installation service here!


Thomas Bowman Jr

For more than 20 years I have run my own handyman service. I grew up near Valley Forge Pennsylvania, graduated in 1991 and attended plumbing trade school. In 2018 I will be 45 years old, put my experience to work for you! As a second business I build websites and offer strategic web services.

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  1. What a fantastic job Tom did. We are very happy. I also left a review on yelp. He is full of energy and finishes the job quickly.

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