Looking For An Incredible Long Lasting Floor That’s Waterproof?

Luxury vinyl is “vinyl/laminate” like you’ve never seen it before and it comes in over 700 colors and patterns! 

waterproof flooring installation denverLuxury vinyl flooring is rated waterproof or water resistant and there is a difference.  Luxury Vinyl also comes in close to 1,000 different patterns that look like wood, stone or tile.

  Prices for this type of flooring will range between $2 and $6 per square foot.  That’s just the material cost.  Labor cost depends on the square footage and the number of corners and transitions. 

Many homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to flooring types.  Below is a video playlist containing 3 mini videos describing the differences between the most popular flooring types.  My preference is luxury vinyl flooring (tile/plank) due to the many variations and simplicity of installation. 

The cost of luxury vinyl and wood laminates is similar in the labor cost.  If you can afford the better materials, get them.  Many luxury vinyl flooring companies guarantee the floor won’t fail, ever.  They even sell this stuff commercially!  The increased cost should be related to only the material cost and not the labor.  I actually prefer the install of luxury vinyl over wood laminate just because of the reduced dust.

Luxury vinyl comes in over 700 color and style combinations(visit site).  Have a look at all the different stone, wood and marble high definition styles.  If you are in Denver and looking for a waterproof flooring, Luxury Vinyl is a great choice.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Denver ColoradoThe durability of luxury vinyl flooring can be up to 20 years or more.  Many manufacturers even give a lifetime warranty of product defects.

Things to note:

  • Luxury vinyl installation is similar to laminate flooring with click lock or glue edges.
  • Luxury vinyl comes in boards/pieces the same size as laminate flooring (6″ x 48″) except in a waterproof or water resistant material.
  • Trim/quarter round and thresholds are still used to cover edges and transitions.

Never before has there been a better flooring with an increased durability.  Some products can be thicker depending on the flooring quality.  Luxury vinyl flooring is commonly installed in kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms and wash room areas.  Cleaning luxury vinyl is as easy as grabbing your Swiffer!

Let me give you a free estimate on a new waterproof luxury vinyl floor installation.  I offer delivery of your product from store to site.  I also offer trim and threshold carpentry work to finalize the job.

I serve the Arvada, Westminster, Thornton, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Broomfield and the rest of the Denver Metro.  I would be happy to provide you a free estimate.  The cost of labor for this product is about the same as laminate flooring.  Where this product is more expensive is in material cost which is about double the cost of discounted laminate.

UPDATE:  Just installed a commercial luxury vinyl floor, here is the video!

Read the full job post here:  Waterproof Flooring Install Arvada

Check Out These Waterproof Flooring Pictures?

Looking For Flooring Repair?

I also repair flooring or sub-flooring.  Below is a video of a peel and stick style vinyl flooring repair.  The homeowner had several cabinets removed and a small sub wall which left gaps in the existing flooring.  I was provided a close match and did a flooring patch that turned out OK.  The homeowner will be installing a new luxury vinyl flooring over top of this in the spring.

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