Plumbing: Toilets, Faucets & Garbage Disposals:

We serve Arvada, Wheat Ridge & Westminster!

Kitchen Plumbing Services:

Are you looking to change something in the kitchen?  I offer everything from faucet replacement to full kitchen remodels.  Interested in a new kitchen faucet, check out our Pinterest Picture board with of over 50 amazing faucet designs here.  Looking for a new garbage disposal unit, I install those too!  What about granite and marble counter-tops?  See some really cool counter-tops here!  How about a new stove vent hood or refrigerator ice maker/water line?

Bathroom Plumbing Services

(I service sinks, toilets, faucets & shower heads)

I offer full and partial bathroom remodels that include everything from new fixtures to bathroom flooring.  Looking for a new toilet or toilet repair?  I have a picture board for toilets too.  Visit it to see the latest toilets from dual flush to the popular high rise.  What about a new sink, faucet or vanity top?  See some great bathroom vanity tops here.  Got a slow drain?  I offer slow drain repair and quarterly drain maintenance.

Irrigation Plumbing Services:

(I repair broken sprinkler pipes and offer sprinkler head replacement)

Need irrigation and yard sprinkler help?  I service all major brands and can get your sprinklers functioning right!  I offer spring setup and winter sprinkler weatherization prep.

Wash Room (Laundry) Plumbing Services:

Do you need wash room area plumbing work like a new laundry tub or washer machine hoses?  Did you know that the weakest plumbing connection in your home is the washer machine hoses?  I install anti burst washer machine hoses and can fix water supply leaks.  Visit my Pinterest Board to see some interesting laundry area layouts!

Anti-Freeze Hose Bibs Plumbing Services:

An anti-freeze hose bib faucet is what is installed on most Denver homes.  They come in a multi-turn handle or 1/4 turn.  The shut off is actually 6 to 12 inches inside the buildings foundation even though the handle is one the wall.  Common problems with hose bibs are loose anchoring, broken handles and drips.  In many cases these can be rebuilt getting them back to functioning properly.

Appliance Installation Services:

Looking for a new under the cabinet microwave, stove vent hood or dishwasher?  We can install it for you!  Plus, we haul stuff away.  Give us a call for a free estimate or to schedule a time for your install.

A Mean Garbage Disposal!

Here is a video that I made of an Insinkerator garbage disposal installation in Arvada or North Denver.  This is a 3/4 horse power unit able to grind through even a fork (not recommended)!

The Greatest Shower Head Available!

Shower head small home improvementMy favorite mini project can be seen in the image to the right.  I installed this flexible shower head that is also a jet shower head.  It’s so cool we can even wash the walls with it.  This snake like shower head bends in every direction and give height to the water spray.  See a video here.

Ask us about a free in home look at your sinks, faucets, drains and other issues.  We offer a special on drain preventative services like acid treatments.  We can snake out your bathroom sinks/tubs to remove hair and buildup.  We can add chemicals if needed for more stubborn slow drains.

Here is a list of some additional projects we can do for you:arvada cheap water heater replacement

    • Water heater installation (gas & electric).
    • Kitchen sink & faucet installation.
    • Bathroom sink & faucet installation.
    • Replace or repair water shutoffs.
    • Garbage disposals.
    • New toilet installations.
    • Handicap toilet bars.
    • Repair or replace leaking toilet parts or seats.
    • Handicap shower aid bars, door ramps & step aid bars.
    • Caulk tubs, sinks, door or windows.
    • Hose bib repair.
    • Hose holder or wrapper installation.
    • Pipe repair, broken pipes.
    • Dishwasher replacement installation.
    • Repair or replace shower parts.
    • Minor drain issues, slow drain repair.
    • Install water or ice maker line to frig.
  • Install sprinkler irrigation systems for flower beds (self controlled).





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  1. I offer Arvada toilet repair and replacement services at a special close to home rate. Give me a call for a free estimate on replacing the internal parts that keep a toilet from running. Local Arvada toilet repair is as cheap as $100!

  2. Looking for a new shower head in the local Arvada area? I offer cheap installation of all major brands of shower heads. I even install shower bars in most showers depending on the type of surface the bar is to be mounted too. There are several types of shower heads and most can be installed in less than 1 hour. Service runs about $65 to the local Arvada area!

  3. Looking to install a new kitchen sink faucet? I install all brands of kitchen and bathroom faucets. The average cost is about $100 but can range up to $200 for a high end motion activated faucet. Bathroom faucets in most cases come with a drain assembly which also gets replaced. A bathroom faucet install is about $125.

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