Add A High Definition Image To Your Floor!

Freefit Floors Custom Photo FlooringThat’s NOT GRASS, that’s a PHOTO FLOOR! 

Get all the benefits of a high quality luxury vinyl tile with the added benefit of photographic perfection. 

Instead of  a standard 4 print pattern, why not get the photo quality of an image based floor?  There are no changes in the flow of the pattern from board to board.

  The floor is more like a puzzle that is assembled!

Look below at these other flooring examples.  Some are just vinyl prints but you get the idea of what you could do should you decide to get creative!

How will you customize your families different home areas?

Have you ever considered having a mural like painting for a kids room, family room or game room?  FreeFit Flooring can print in high definition a background right into the floor that is just stunning!  Even better is the idea of not being locked into a basic 4 to 8 board design!  At $5.99 sq/ft. you get a seamless picture floor where even if you have a wood pattern, it’s a perfect wood pattern!

  I was so impressed with this product that I created a video too!

FreeFit Flooring Benefits:

  • Made in the USA with 100% Non-Toxic Virgin Materials.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic Luxury Vinyl Tiles
  • 100% Water Proof (not just water resistant).
  • 1-2 Week Turn Around on Custom Printed Floors.
  • 60+ colors, Custom colors available, Add any photo.
  • Available in Plank (6″x”48″) or Tile (18″x18″) Design.
  • Loose Lay, Perimeter adhered, Full spread glued.
  • 15 Year Commercial, Limited Lifetime Residential.
  • Sold by the Sq Ft.
  • FREE SHIPPING (to you) on all orders over 300 Sq. Ft. 
  • 4mm Thickness with a 22mil Wear Layer.
  • Easily replace damaged tiles.
  • Interchange new tiles seasonally.

What do you think? 

Do you have any clever ideas that would make a cool floor?

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  1. I have to say that the ideas are just flowing to me! What if you created a picture scene for your main floor that had interchangeable pieces! What I mean is… You may have a nature scene and you switch out the lower tiles of grass to snow tiles as the seasons change. Or you have an animal that winks in one frame and doesn’t in another.

    Maybe you have a game room where the tiles can be rearranged to solve a puzzle and then scrambled again!!! LOL

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