Small Jobs Denver Handyman Rates:

Thanks for checking out my service!  I stand behind all the work I do and even blog about many of these projects.  If you have any question please feel free to call and ask them.  Below are my 2017 handyman rates, these rates are labor only and any materials used are at an extra charge.  If I spend time shopping for your materials there is a charge of $50/hr. 

  • Currently I bill in 30 minute increments and the minimum to get me out to your place is 1 hour.  Other handyman companies charge as much as $200 just to meet them.
  • PS. If you live in Aurora or south Denver there is an extra charge of $20 for gas.
  • ALL payment is due at the time of service; that includes landlords, realtors & commercial businesses (unless otherwise arranged before the work is done)!  Any deals YOU want to propose should also be proposed and agreed upon before the work is started.

Hourly (60 Minutes)

(8am-5pm) – $65 Per Hour Monday To Saturday

(5pm-8pm, 6am-8am) – $85 Per Hour Monday To Saturday

(8pm-6am) – $125 Per Hour Monday To Saturday {*See Below}

1/2 Day (4 Labor Hours)

Want a better rate?  How about $55 per hour when you book a 4 hour half day block.  Total cost for a half day is $220 (M-F). 

Whole Day (8 Labor Hours)

Want an even better rate?  How about $50 per hour or $400 for the day (8 hours, M-F).  Many homeowners will create a punch list of projects and then see how far I can get.  If you are selling your home I prep houses for sale and have helped created a buying frenzy at each one. 

By Estimate (Let’s Put It In Writing)

I provide estimates on projects & jobs that total $1000 or more.  Many home repairs cost under $250 which is about a half days work.  Here is an article I wrote that is a basic estimate for 25 popular handyman projects.

What Home Repair Projects Cost Under $150 In Labor?

Emergency After Hours Service (8pm-6am)

STOP!  If there is immediate danger like gas, pouring water or the smell of smoke call 911! 

What may appear as just a basic emergency can turn fatal very quickly.  Water cannot come in contact with electrical and YOU at the same time.  Where there is smoke there is going to be FIRE, and if your smelling gas…RUN!  The Police or Fire Department can be a Godsend in the panic of the moment.  If you still need help in the middle of the night.  I will come help you for just $125 an hour weekdays and $175 Friday/Saturday (8pm-6am).  PS. I work cheaper in the daylight.

About Thomas Bowman Jr

For more than 20 years I have run my own home repair & handyman service. I grew up near Valley Forge Pennsylvania, graduated in 1991 and attended plumbing trade school. In 2017 I will be 44 years old & self employed over 20 years. Put my 20+ years of experience to work for you!
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