Looking For A Trusted Name In Paint?

When I Think Of Paint, I think of Sherwin & Williams.

Being a home repair handyman for more than 20 years means I’ve been around the block.  Over the years I have tried everything from MAB to Behr to Benjamin Moore.  At the end of the day it’s all about the quality of the paint you are buying.  Getting a good paint will save you from doing a second or third coat.

As A contractor I try to push the consumer towards Sherwin and Williams.  I feel that they can spend a few minutes with the customer and they have a real paint store.  When ever I have questions about paint I don’t call Home Depot!  LOL

The above playlist of videos came from the main Sherwin and Williams YouTube Channel.  You can find a lot more videos there!  If you want a discount on your next $50 purchase you can download there $10 off coupon here.  Also if you give the clerk my telephone number or this number (262517014) and you will get my discount which is at least 10%!

In the image below is the local Arvada Colorado Sherwin and Williams store hours, phone and address.



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    Remember… Give the clerk my telephone number for a 10%+ discount! You should already have it programmed in your phone under “Incredible Arvada Handyman”!

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