Garbage Disposal Installation Denver (Arvada, Westminster, Thornton, Aurora)

Garbage Disposal Installation Denver (Arvada, Westminster, Thornton, Aurora)

Looking For A Handyman Plumber To Install Your New Garbage Disposal?

Here is a video of an InSinkErator (Garbage Disposal) installation in South Denver, but I’m based in Arvada Colorado.

There are many types of garbage disposals available to purchase and install throughout the Denver Metro.  I charge under $149 for a new or replacement garbage disposal installation from Arvada to Aurora to Lakewood. 

The closer you are to Arvada (75th & Sheridan) the cheaper it is, as low as $95.  Any parts needed or change in pipping is extra.  Have a look through my site and check out all my Denver Metro Handyman Services.


Garbage Disposal Installation Arvada ColoradoHere is a video of a garbage disposal installation done in Cherry Creek.  The homeowner picked up the top of the line Insinkerator at a cost of about $340.  My cost to install it was just $125 with all the parts included.  This garbage disposal can chew up chicken bones!

Yes, I always replace the strainer with every install.  The strainer is the part that makes the seal where the water drain starts.  It’s also the most visible part of the new disposal.  Many handymen will not replace this since it takes a little skill and can leak.

What Are The (HP) Sizes Of Garbage Disposals Mean?

There are several sizes or horse power related to a garbage disposal units strength.  The most generic garbage disposals are called or referred to as builders grade units.  These garbage disposals are only 1/3 HP and they are nothing but basic.  With each step up the ladder in horse power, the performance of the unit will get better and better. 

A very good garbage disposal for the home would be a 3/4 horse power unit.    There are several companies that make great garbage disposals.  My favorite is Insinkerator, but I like the Moen units too.  The Insinkerator units can be found at Home Depot.  Getting one of these garbage disposals is a one and done solution to grinding just about anything.

Cleaning & Maintenance Of A Garbage Disposal

There are many tricks to help keep your garbage disposal unit clean and smelling great.  Below is a Pinterest picture board that’s linked to dozens of additional articles.  People are using everything from limes to special incenses designed for your drain.  Baking Soda is also recommended, but flushing the unit weekly is best.

Did you know that you should be flushing a full sink of water with every discharge of your garbage disposal?  Running a garbage disposal with low water is the number 1 reason you’ll need a plumbing snake or Roto-Rooter!  The best maintenance for a garbage disposal is flushing with hot water, both sinks (full) at the same time.

Troubleshooting A Garbage Disposal Unit

Lets start with a simple reset.  Underneath your garbage disposal unit is a red reset button.  If you get “no hum” when you flip the switch then you should push this first.  If you still have no hum, you need to check the electrical breakers.   If you are uncomfortable in any way, call for service!

If you have a hum there is a second thing to check.  There is an Allen key (wrench) that helps turn the blades inside the garbage disposal.  You can find this in the dead center of the bottom of the unit.  Insert the wrench and see if it turns freely or is stuck.  If stuck, turn either way till it is free again.

If you are experiencing drainage issues, STOP!  This is not the garbage disposal but the drain.  If you have the symptom of water backing up in the other sink, the drain is blocked.  The more you try to force stuff down the worse it could get.   Time to call a pro!

If your garbage disposal is leaking what appears to be through the unit itself, it’s time for a new one. 

Where Do I Buy A New Garbage Disposal?

The most popular places are Home Depot and Lowe’s.  There are other places like plumbing supply stores.  If you are a big fan of Kohler like me, there is a Kohler store here in Denver.  If you are looking for plumbing parts, check out Park Supply!  They have just about any part of fixture.

I highly recommend Park Supply.  I was called out to fix an ancient hose bib that was leaking badly.  Park Supply had the replacement part for the original ($99), I went to 4 other places first.  This saved the home owner big bucks since you could not access the pipe on the inside of his home.  Sometimes finding the part can be more expensive than replacement.

Looking For Pictures Of Garbage Disposals?

Check out our Pinterest Board all about Garbage disposals or flip through the picture board below. 

We install garbage disposal units in Arvada, Westminster, Thornton, Aurora, Englewood, Littleton and Denver!

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  1. I am based in Arvada and offer one of the cheapest solutions to installing your new garbage disposal. If you are looking for an Arvada Colorado garbage disposal installer, call me! I also serve all the major cities near me like Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Thornton and Broomfield! Give me a call with any questions!

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