Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

Spackle, Sanding & Drywall Repair Arvada!

Looking for someone that can spackle and sand drywall?

I love the small half day drywall repair projects.  However, I don’t offer texture services.  If you know a good texture guy post his or her info in the comments below.

Here is a multi-part video where I spackled and sanded a basement.  Someone else did the drywall and electrical.  I just installed the corner bead and about 20 gallons of spackle!  This project cost about $600 including the materials.

Do you need drywall repair in Arvada or North Denver?  I have done thousands of patches over the years.  The biggest issue is texture when finalizing the repair to a wall or ceiling.  Many drywall repairs will take about 3 hours and at least 2 trips.

Ps.  During the projects a company installed a egress window.  That was a cool thing to watch!  They dug down and cut  right through the wall.

Thomas Bowman Jr

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