Have you heard of window security film?

They now have window films that you can hit with a baseball bat and still not get through.  They even have window films that will stop a bullet!  You probably don’t need that level of protection on your Arvada home or business unless your selling weed (lol).  However, the “glass reinforcement” possibilities with this stuff is amazing!!!

This is truly amazing stuff!  You can make everyday glass stronger and more secure.  There are several manufacturers of window security film.  3m is one of the leaders in development and testing this stuff worldwide.  They have versions of window film that is bomb resistant for embassies and gansters.  For autos they have a film that stops glass shatter during an accident, theft or car jacking.  Comes clear or tinted and is perfect for sliding glass doors.

Car & Auto Security Films!

Here is a YouTube Playlist of different window films for car glass.  Stop cuts from flying glass during accidents with this safety and security product!  It comes tinted/clear and helps prevent car jacking and car theft.

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