Window Swamp Coolers

Window Swamp Coolers

Repair & Service On Roof or Window Swamp Coolers!

Serving Arvada, Westminster & North Denver.

These things really move some air!  If you have never seen one of these don’t feel bad.  I didn’t know they made swamp coolers for windows either.

Here is a short video of the window mounted swamp coolers being sold at the Arvada Home Depot.  I installed one of these last week and the air inflow is incredible. 

In about 3 minutes the hot temperature inside the house dropped!  All that is required is a garden hose type hook up, some chains and a couple of hooks.  You’ll also want a ladder too. 

The water supply is there to keep the water reservoir full while the unit is running water over a series of filters.  The fan inside the unit draws air through those filters cooling the air. 

As the unit runs the reservoir looses water and a float ball triggers the hose to refill. 

The unit can be quickly uninstalled and stored for the winter!

Got a broken swamp cooler in Arvada, Westminster or North Denver?  I fix units that have a burst or split copper water line.  I can also replace the various parts inside a window or roof swamp cooler unit.

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