Looking For A Security System & Service That’s On Your Terms?

Have you heard about SimpliSafe?

  • I install this “own it, don’t rent it” wireless security system and offer many other security services like lighting and security upgrades.
  • Simplisafe has wireless cameras now too!
  • No contract, month to month monitoring from $15/mo.
  • Turn on and off the monitoring, move the system, app driven, settings tweak-able!
  • Add smoke alarms, glass break alarms, water leak alarms and more all wireless!

Here is a video all about this peel and stick, wireless, customize-able home security system.  Turn pro monitoring on or off for $15 a month as needed.

Get One For Your Home Here!

As a home repair tech and business owner for 20 years I have seen just about every type of home security system.  I have used ADT and several others in both my home and shop.  Above is the Simplisafe Wireless Security System and it is by far my favorite. 

I like to travel and I take this with me and set it up especially in hotel rooms!  However, it is mean to be set up anywhere you have basic electricity and a cell signal (if monitoring is active).  The base system must remain plugged in to keep the 48 hour battery charged.

If you ever need to move the alarm then all you do is tug on the 3m tape and the sensor falls off the wall.  You replace the 3m tape and reinstall it.  The system also has the ability to take a lot of sensors.

The monitoring upgrade gives you the call response but in text alert.  I’m telling you that when the alarm is triggered and the siren goes off, you get a text before your neighbor gets to their window.

And if you decide that you are moving you just take it down from one place and install it again in the new place.  There is a online section where you change your respond to 911 address and tweak the other settings.

To add just one more great thing would be the duress pin and remote.  There are panic options and pins that just send the cops now.  Really can’t say enough great things about this “own it outright, no contract” security system!

YES!  I definitely install the Simplisafe system throughout the Denver, Arvada and Westminster areas.  I can also show you how to use it & tweak it!

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I serve the Colorado cities of Denver, Arvada, Berkley, Lakeside, Edgewater, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Littleton, Lakewood, Englewood, Aurora, Centennial & Thornton.

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